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The Real Cyborgs
Forget wearable tech. The pioneers of our “post-human” future are implanting technology in to their bodies and brains. Should we stop them or join them?

Suspended Animation In Space Travel

The first astronauts who head off to Mars might make the entire 180-day journey while they’re fast asleep. In a NASA-commissioned study on human stasis, aerospace engineers at SpaceWorks have found that the benefits of placing a crew in suspended animation for the duration of the journey could be legion.

"Cyberspace has become an increasingly attractive hunting ground for criminals, activists and terrorists motivated to make money, get noticed, cause disruption or even bring down corporations and governments through online attacks." (wired)




cowboybot active…….starting up……..

texasbot mark III is ready to deploy


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In the middle of playing through DayZ, the post-apocalyptic zombie survival game, Wachs tells his viewers to “give me a second here.” Then his screen suddenly freezes. When the feed resumes, Wachs is gone. In his place is an empty, spinning chair. A few minutes later, a police officer and a K-9 walk into screen. That’s when the feed shuts off.

A new computer program can recognize people’s emotions based on how they type, paving the way for computers that could one day be smarter than humans — a concept called “the singularity.”


Skin Buttons

Proof-of-concept interface design from Figlab uses light-projected touch-sensitive icons around your wrist, and is also low-cost and low-energy - video embedded below:

We present Skin Buttons, tiny laser projectors integrated into the smartwatch to render icons on the user’s skin. These icons can be made touch sensitive, significantly expanding the interactive region without increasing device size. We show a proof-of-concept device and demonstrate example applications. These “skin buttons” can have high touch accuracy and recognizability, while being low cost and power-efficient.

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Britain’s ePassport gates are now processing more passengers with facial recognition than any other country in the world, according to a UK Border Force (UKBF) official.

When third generation ePassport gates are installed at London City Airport in September, it will be bring the number of biometrics entry devices to over 100 ePassport gates, operating at 12 of Britain’s busiest airports, said Sir Charles Montgomery, Director General, Border Force.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney recently revealed that the wireless function on his defibrillator had been disabled by a cyberattack.

Here’s how it works: After deciding that you would like to have sex with someone, launch the Good2Go app, hand the phone off to your potential partner, and allow him or her to navigate the process to determine if he or she is ready and willing.

The subprime auto-lending business — writing car-loans to people who can’t afford them — is fuelled by GPS-enabled immobilizers that let lenders track and shut down cars whose drivers violate terms of service, from missing payments to fleeing the tri-county area in order to move into a shelter for abused women.